Woodburners, stoves & fires

A much sought-after feature of many of the cottages we offer in Devon is a toasty woodburner or fireplace, When you book a holiday cottage with a real fire or stove in place, the housekeeper is asked to leave enough supplies to allow you to light your first fire - so a couple of firelighters, some kindling and a few logs or fuel.


Wood-burning stoves can only burn wood - under no circumstances should coal be used in a woodburner. Wherever possible, fuel used in a woodburner should be seasoned and dry wood. Kindling and firelighters may be used to get the fire going.

Multi-fuel stoves

Muti-fuel burners can burn both wood and coal, but it is highly advisable to avoid burning both at once. Kindling and firelighters may be used to start the fire, after which we advise you stick to burning wood or coal only.

Fire-side utensils

Properties that have a real fire, will provide the following utensils for your safety:

  • Ash container
  • Fire guard
  • Fuel container
  • Poker, etc

If you are at all unsure of how to use a woodburner, please contact the property manager who will be happy to assist.

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