Cancelling your holiday


Cancellation insurance

We offer cancellation insurance at an additional cost at the point of booking. The cost of this insurance will be quoted at the point of booking online.

Unfortunately, we can not advise you on specifics of the policy.


We offer cancellation insurance at an additional cost of £27.50* at the point of booking. This cancellation insurance can be added to your booking at any point before your holiday begins, but will not cover you for pre-existing medical conditions.

*Price includes Insurance Premium Tax

Unfortunately, we can not advise you on specifics of the policy, but for more information on the policy and its cover you can click here.

Re-sell your holiday

If you are unable to take your holiday, and you would like to cancel, we will first require notice of this in writing. You can do this by letter or by email to

As soon as we have received your request, your booking will be cancelled and the website will be updated to show the week you had booked as available again in order to try and re-sell your holiday. Please note, that as a contract is formed between you and the property owner, you remain liable for the full balance of the holiday until it has re-sold, so we may need to collect that even after you have cancelled.

If we are successful and re-sell your holiday at the full price, a refund of any monies paid will be arranged just as soon as the new guests' cool off period has passed. We will liaise with you to arrange any possible discount on your week to attract more interest and will promote the holiday via all marketing channels to try to achieve a satisfactory refund for you.

If we are not able to sell your holiday, then it can result in a full loss of your money, however we will work hard to try and get you as much money back as possible.

Your money back

Monies paid for your holiday will be refunded just as soon as we have re-sold your holiday and the new guests have completed their cool off period.

If you paid using a credit or debit card, a refund can be arranged back to the card you originally used. If you paid by cheque or bank transfer, we can arrange for a cheque to be sent.